Kriminalmuseum Fürth

On the way back from the sewage plant, I came past the new Kriminalmuseum, a sort of police museum under the Rathaus which opened this week but is only generally open at the weekend.

There are quite a number of rooms, on history, things confiscated by the customs, police organization and buildings, drugs, forgery, right-wing extremism (with various flags and emblems), DNA, fingerprints, forbidden weapons, the courts and so on.

The picture I took seems to be the most popular one, looking at the other images online.

Sewage plant open day/Tag der offenen Kläranlage

Having got my free poster (see recent entry), a brochure and some pens, I had to consider attending the event.

The weekend was supposed to be wet, but it wasn’t raining today and there was even some sun when I was on the viewing platform on top of the digestion tower (Faulturm).

It was supposed to be a great view. I have seen Fürth from several towers and the Klinikum and the Solarberg, but this was the view that showed to best effect the way the two multistorey blocks ruin the skyline (Sparkasse and Bahnhof).

There were too many trees, or they were too leafy, to see Nuremberg Castle.

Here are the digestion towers: