Pro- and anti-Brexit at Westminster

When I went to the Don McCullin exhition at Tate Britain last Wednesday (includes some photo of the wall going up in East Berlin in 1961 btw), just before midday, I passed the protesters, of whom there seem increasingly more. It was very warm for February.

I love the Che Guevara badge and suspect the man’s style reflects it.

The image settings seem to have changed – must read up on WordPress in an idle moment.

Two minds here.

3 thoughts on “Pro- and anti-Brexit at Westminster

  1. Hurrah! ‘Brexit means Brexit’ and ‘We voted (to) leave’ – but what ? Most UK (Daly) Mail on Line readers thought they had been voting in the referendum to leave the European Economic Area, the Council of Europe running the non-EU European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg (nine out of ten DM commenters or commentators) and, both in the Hague, even the International Criminal Court (the ICC) plus the International ex-Tribunal for War Crimes in the Former Yugoslavia.

  2. The first referendum was with complete false information. Even now there is no mention of all the consequences of a Brexit. Johnson can say the EU costs so much but does not say how much uk gets back in subsidies. Leaving Brexit is the dumbest thing the English can decide.
    A border in the Irish Sea, laugh. Northern Ireland is the land of fraud, scams. Jeremy is no fairest by harrowing let the English choose in a 2nd referendum, but then all data, legal, economic, and labor law must be made clear.
    leaving the EU have more consequences than everyone thinks.

  3. This is a rather old post, Paul. I realize you are using machine translation. I am not sure if you think it is a bad idea to ‘leave Brexit’ – I am not opposed to it myself. Your last sentence is incomprehensible. It might help if you posted it in Dutch.

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